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Geographical Indications
Preliminary scrutiny and examination

Pursuant to filing of the application, the content of statement of case is assessed by a consultative group of experts will versed on the subject. They ascertain the correctness of particulars furnished and thereafter an Examination Report is issued. The Application is examined in due course and scrutinized for any deficiencies, which should be remedied within one month from the communication.
Show cause notice
If the Registrar has any objection to the application, the objections are communicated to Applicant and the applicant must respond within two months or apply for a hearing. The decision will be duly communicated. If the applicant wishes to appeal, he may within one month make a request. The Registrar is also empowered to withdraw an application, if it is accepted in error, after giving on opportunity of being heard.

Publication in the geographical indications Journal
Registration of Geographical Indication