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Company law in India
Types of Companies
Private Company
Public Company
Procedure for Company Incorporation
Documents required for incorporation of company in India
1. Memorandum of Association 2. Articles of Association 3. A declaration stating that all the requirements of the Companies Act 1956 and the applicable rules with respect to the registration and other matters have been complied with 4. A list of persons who have consented to act as directors of the company 5. If the proposed company is a public company, consent of very person prepared to act as a director must be submitted in a prescribed format 6. Information about directors, managing directors and managers and secretary must be submitted in a prescribed form 32 7. Information about the registered office in a prescribed form 18 8. Filing of Form 1 with Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and certification by a Chartered Accountant that the compliances are met 9. Power of attorney and Payment of applicable registration fee payable to the registrar of the companies
Limited Liability Company
Partnership Firms
Limited Liability Partnership
Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership
Proprietorship Firms
Incorporation of Limited Liability Proprietorship