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Company law in India
Types of Companies
Private Company
Public Company
Procedure for Company Incorporation
Documents required for incorporation of company in India
Limited Liability Company

A kind of business organization that combines some aspects of a corporation with those of a sole proprietorship or partnership. It does not have shareholders and does not require meetings. A limited liability company does not need to create a set of bylaws, though some states require an operating agreement in order to recognize the company. It’s a company, authorized only in certain states, whose owners and managers receive the limited liability.

A lawful arrangement in which an individual called trustor, gives fiduciary control of property to a person or institution called trustee, for the benefit of beneficiaries. It is a monopolistic corporation, prior to the enactment of antitrust laws

Society is an assembly of people shaped as a separate organization having as a stated purpose, some openhanded or benevolent purpose either in regards to the public in general or in regards to the common interests of its members.

Partnership Firms
Limited Liability Partnership
Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership
Proprietorship Firms
Incorporation of Limited Liability Proprietorship