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Intellectual Property Enforcement in India
Enforcement of Trademark Rights
Before Trademark Registry- Administrative Remedy
Before Courts- Civil Remedy
Before Courts- Criminal Remedy
Procedure and punishment
Confiscation of imported goods bearing counterfeit marks
Enforcement of Patent Rights/ Patent Infringement
Appropriate forum for Patent Dispute
Acts constituting infringement of Patent Right
Defences to Infringement of Patent in India
Acts Constituting Infringement of copyright
Appropriate forum for Design Violation
Test to determine Copyright Violation/ infringement
Before Copyright Registry- Administrative Remedy
Enforcement of Copyright
Piracy of Design
Damages towards piracy of design
For any piracy of registered design the defendant has to pay sum up to Rs. 25,000 towards the contravention. However maximum damages allowed are Rs. 50,000 in respect of a single design. Injunction for design right violation Besides awarding the damages the proprietor may also seek injunction against repetition of contravention. Defences to piracy of design in India The defences available for defence in piracy of design is are any of the grounds under which design can be cancelled.